NOTD: Sinful Colors - Beautiful Girl

I have been looking for a barbie pink nail polish for such a long time! My sister actually gave me a similar color but it went bad before I got to use it. I admit, I have too many nail polishes and it's sad that some go bad because I don't have the chance to really use them, I will need to downsize ugh (if possible...)! Anyhow, this is the other color I got along with Easy Going and this one is called Beautiful Girl, obviously not as creative of a name as OPI or Essie nail polishes but oh well, at this price ($1.99) and quality I will keep my mouth shut! I'm not sure if the change of color really impacts the formula. I have some Essie polishes that go on beyond streaky and look gross even after 2 coats, then I have other ones from Essie that go on smooth, so maybe color does effect the formula! In this case, I had the same experience as I had with Easy Going. However because I wanted a richer color I applied 3 coats and I love the results!


 As you can see from the above photo you'd be better off not wearing this nail polish if you're planning to apply only 1 coat, in my opinion nails look bad if the white tips show unless it's French manicure of course.

   If you apply 2 coats, you can still see the tips but not so bad, surely it depends on the nails since some people don't have their nails long enough to see the tips.

  Third coat has a pretty good result I think, you can barely see the tips and keep in mind this is a picture taken with flash. 

What do you think about Sinful Colors?


  1. WOW! Love this color!!!

    I never heard of this Company, but I will take a look at it!!

    Thank you for showing us :)

    kiku (i hope my english is not that bad :/.. )

  2. The sinful Colors are so Great I love them I have like 5 of them and they are my fav =)
    Your English sounds perfect to me but lol But english is not my first language lol

  3. omg i loooooove that color!!

  4. I love this shade! Pink is one of my favorite colors; I'm a sucker for polishes like yours!

    I like Sinful Colors because they're reasonably priced. What a great find!


  5. Thank you girls, I will definitely be repurchasing this color and recommend it to everyone I love love love it!

    @Kiku: I'm not sure if you can find this brand in Germany but still try you never know! And your English is great, no worries English is not my native language either, I'm still learning :)