Review: Godmother soap + Flosty Gritter bubble bar

As you may know, I have recently been to Lush and picked up a few items. I thought why not do a review on the ones I used so far to let everyone know how good they are so everyone can hit up a Lush store and buy some too?! :)

 Godmother Soap

I have been using the Godmother soap pretty much since I bought it on Friday (the 29th). Now, I haven't heard many talking about this soap so I got my self a smaller chunk about 1/4 lbs just to try it out. I love it so much there is no way I can go back to using my Bath and Body works body wash, nope! First of all it smells yummy, I have to confess I am taking a whiff here and there throughout the day. More importantly I love the fact it lathers so richly without having to rub it all over my loofah for a long time. Also it left my skin very soft and feeling squeaky clean. One thing that I am not crazy about is the fact that basically what happens in the shower, stays in the shower meaning, once you rinse yourself the scent of the soap doesn't really stay on skin :/ Regardless, I will be repurchasing this soap! (Next time I will also buy "Porridge" soap, it's made with molasses and smells like breakfast, I don't necessarily care for molasses but the smells is bomb dot com)

Flosty Gritter Bubble Bar
This is how much I put in...

...and this is how much I got!

I used Flosty for the first time today, honestly I didn't check Lush's directions on how to use it anyway I think most of the time they say either cut it in half or put the whole thing in (duh so people will buy more!) Initially I was going to put about 1/4 in then I decided put half in because after I cut it it looked sort of small. I cut it in half and put it under running water and twirled my hand in the tub a few times and the bubbles started forming right away and a lot of it, yay! Sorry no pink bubbles with this bubble bar, though the water turned a little pinkish. I enjoyed taking a bath using this bubble bar, it did what it was supposed to do, the bubbles stayed about half an hour then slowly started disappearing. Anyway I don't take a bath longer than that so it was perfect for me. When I was at Lush the saleswoman told me the water will be glittery however that's not the case at all, the bar itself has glitters all over it but once you put it in the water, no glitter. 


  1. I've tagged you for the best blog award :)

  2. This looks really awesome, pity about not having pink bubbles! :P