Essie The Art of Spring Collection 2010 - Van D'Go

Hey everyone!

Ever since I have seen Essie's new colors for spring, I have been crazy in love with Van D'Go and naturally couldn't wait to get my hands on this lovely shade! Luckily I received my $3.50 off a $10 purchase coupon from Ulta so I ran to the store and picked it up, love it when I receive these coupons right on time yay! I also wanted to get Neo Whimsical and Pop Art Pink but they didn't have any left (*tear) well I guess those colors will need to wait for the next coupon lol Ok so moving on to what's annoying me about this collection...Red with all these pastels? I don't see the relevance? It looks bad next to all these colors, I thought exactly the same when they came out with Mint Candy Apple for Winter 2009, I don't understand what this color has to do with winter, is it supposed to be the mint? Yes they serve peppermint mocha at Starbucks during holiday time but we also eat mint ice-cream during summer, so one can't say mint is related to only one season.To me, this color should have been next to all these, for the spring collection, in stead of the red. Red is more of a holiday color than pastel mint green in my opinion.

   1)Pop Art Pink 2)Lilacism 3)Neo Whimsical 4)Van D'Go 5)Tart Deco 6) Nouveau Red

They're so cute together!



  1. That pink is SO pretty I love it <3

  2. You choose the best colors of this collection!

    love them both!

    <3 Kiku